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the Kobb Cave

Welcome to Kobb's little tumblr! This is supposed to be an art blog, but when I hit busy times the reblogs can outnumber the arts a little. If you want just the art, this tag is for you! If you only want to see original stuff, my fanart-free tag is right here.

Currently I'm drawing for a webcomic called Beyond the Western Deep! Update reminders are usually posted here weekly.
Sep 27 '13

Skin tones happened this afternoon, and while watching Elementary tonight I used elastic and buckles to make the head/torso hands-free at last! Also got the main part of the gauntlets down - they just need the same detailing TLC that the armor does.

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  8. fragit said: Are you going to try and fake the back of the neck or are you just going to wear the mask?
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  10. crevangrietje said: could u make silly paper eyebrows and make ur krogan make expressions pls
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    omg Kobb, this is so incredible!! I love the paint job you did on the face!
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